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SAil Boat Kit - 175ML

MSRP $US 119 
Part#: PCK-175

60ML Primer Base
15ML Primer Hardener
100ML Clear Topcoat

* New Smaller Size!

PropGlide™ is available in four easy-to-use size kits. The new Sailboat Kit makes it affordable for all boat sizes. Get over 25% more product with 30% Savings over competitive brands.

small Kit - 250ML

MSRP $US 179 
Part#: PCK-250

120ML Primer Base
30ML Primer Hardener
100ML Clear Topcoat

Over 30% Savings

and 25% More Product  

than Competitive Brands!

large Kit - 1250ML

MSRP $US 349 
Part#: PCK-1250

2- 300ML Primer Base
2- 75ML Primer Hardener
2- 250ML Clear Topcoat

medium Kit - 625ML

MSRP $US 269 
Part#: PCK-625

300ML Primer Base
75ML Primer Hardener
250ML Clear Topcoat