Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding PropGlide™. If you don’t find the answer here, please click on the Contact link and send us an email with your question(s).

PropGlide® is a coating system that is applied to the props and underwater running gear of any vessel. Once applied, the PropGlide® system reduces friction to the metal surface which greatly improves efficiency by not allowing growth to stick to the underwater metals. The result is an improvement in prop speed and fuel efficiency.

Not at all. PropGlide® contains no toxic biocides. It works by creating a super slippery surface not allowing growth to attach to the props and underwater metal.

PropGlide® kits have a shelf life of three years, stored well and in original sealed packaging.

No. PropGlide® does not prevent from occurring. Barnacles and Zebra mussels will still grow. However, they will NOT attach. As soon as the vessel starts moving, the growth slides off with ease!

You should expect growth not to stick to the properly prepared and kept surface while experiencing greater fuel efficiency and speed.

Yes, PropGlide® may be used in any type of water, including fresh water, salt water and brackish water conditions.

Your props do need to be sanded for adhesion purposes and then cleaned with acetone.

No, there is not a PropGlide remover. You can use a paint stripper or scrape and sand or sand blast.

The application time varies by the size of the prop(s) and running gear that you are covering, but typical application can be done in a few hours. Please see our application guidelines for detailed information. Note: Remember to wait overnight before launching your vessel!

Unlike many other foul release coatings, you may apply PropGlide® yourself by following the application guide, or you can contact a local boatyard or dealer in your area to apply it for you.

Yes, PropGlide® can be left out of the water without affecting any performance of the system.

There are many factors that can affect the longevity of PropGlide® including number of hours and kilometers traveled, various environmental factors including water temperature and purity. PropGlide® will last 1-2 years depending on the above factors.

You must remove all of the old PropGlide® by sandblasting, sanding, scraping, wire wheel or grinder. After all old PropGlide® is removed down to the metal surface, clean the area to be primed with Xylol or Acetone. Recoat PropGlide® using the application guidelines.

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