Customers rave about PropGlide™ foul release kits! Through Verified Reviews, an independent third-party provider that specializes in gathering and displaying trustworthy reviews, we have received exceptional feedback. Below are a few quotes from actual purchasers of the 175ML Foul Release Sailboat Kit, 250ML Foul Release Small Kit, 625ML Foul Release Medium Kit or 1250ML kit. The following are reviews shared through Verified Reviews.

5 Stars ***** -“Third year using this product. Very pleased with the results !” by Raymond R.. Verified Reviews on 03-12-2023

5 Stars ***** -“Amazing!” by Mohan P. Verified Reviews on 04-03-2022

5 Stars ***** – “Product works well on running gear when applied properly, Follow instructions on application.” by Charles O. Verified Reviews on 03-23-2022

5 Stars ***** – Works as advertised.” by RAYMOND R. Verified Reviews on 03-17-2022

5 Stars ***** – PropGlide went on like expected. Haven’t been in the water yet to see long term results.” by Sean M. Verified Reviews on 08-24-2020

5 Stars ***** – I can only review application at this point as I’ve not had the boat in the water yet. I received the sailboat version of prop glide. There was enough product to do at least four propellers of my size. Application was straight forward. Now knowing that there was enough product for multiple applications I’d use smaller batches of the base and hardener to not waste the the amount of production given.” by Carleton C. Verified Reviews on 05-29-2020

5 Stars ***** – “This is second time I am using the PropGlide and it works as well as PropSpeed at LOWER price. MUST closely follow the instructions on applying these products.” Charles O. Verified Reviews on 05-21-2020

5 Stars ***** – “Awesome product. Was able to buy this size VS the Propspeed small size and saved more than 50%. WOW!” by Caleb M.Verified Reviews on 03-05-2018

5 Stars ***** – “I tried this product for the first time and used Propspeed in the past. It applies a little easier than Propspeed. I have only had it on for a few months, but it is working very well! No growth at all!” by anonymous Verified Reviews on 12-08-2016

5 Stars ***** – “Great value” by Kenneth T. Verified Reviews on 05-16-2022

5 Stars ***** – “It’s always nice to be able to order and receive in a timely fashion what you need for your boat running gear.” by Curtis S. Verified Reviews on 08-07-2021

5 Stars ***** – “Easy to apply, looks good.” by Anonymous Verified Reviews on 01-02-2021

5 Stars ***** – “Product works great and is a reasonable price.” by George S. Verified Reviews on 09-28-2020

5 Stars ***** – “Excellent” by Blanchard B. Verified Reviews on 07-26-2019

5 Stars ***** – “Love this product. Strongly recommend.” by Adam S. Verified Reviews on 03-05-2018

5 Stars ***** – “Product works great and is a reasonable price.” by George S. Verified Reviews on 9/28/2020

5 Stars *****Highly rated.product.” Scott H. Verified Reviews on 09-03-2021

5 Stars *****Great tried something last year and came back to PropGlide this year” by Carl R. Verified Reviews on 03-23-2021

5 Stars *****What do I think about Propglide? good value for size compared to competition. My props turned out to be 12″x24P so I had plenty of Propglide for all running gear not just props. Goes on easy enough. Use small foam roller or brush for primer (yellow) to minimize brush marks (brush ONLY for top coat). Now I know better for next time…and that will depend on how everything looks when we take her out next fall and how she runs during this ’22 season in RI.” by Ernie W. Verified Reviews on 04-12-2022

5 Stars *****PropGlide is an excellent protective coating for my propellers” by Louis S. Verified Reviews on 12-22-2020

5 Stars ***** -“Easy to use. Too soon to comment on how it works. My boat is not yet in the water.” by Thomas G. Verified Reviews on 03-31-2020

5 Stars ***** –Goes on as described, the prep is the hard part. We will see how it works when I drop it in the water in the new few weeks. Expect it to work as advertised. I ended up with the medium kit and it was way too much for me. 2 – 3 bladed props about 12 inch blades plus the shafts. Better to have too much than too little I guess but next time I will order the small instead of medium.” by Anonymous Verified Reviews on 03-09-2020

5 Stars ***** -“Have used it before and works great.” by Thomas S. Verified Reviews on 02-25-2019

5 Stars *****Less expensive than PropSpeed” by Mike M. Verified Reviews on 04-29-2018

5 Stars ***** – “It more than pays for itself in fuel savings and boat performance.”  by Peter J. published on 05-09-2023 Verified Reviews

5 Stars *****-“Product works great and is a reasonable price – much less than Propspeed.” by Anonymous Verified Reviews on 09-28-2020

5 Stars *****Good product that i have used 4 times. awalys good product.”
Verified Reviews on 04-12-2020

5 Stars *****Haven’t applied it yet so I’m hoping it is as easy as the mfg. says. A little must go a long way as the kit quantity seems small.” by Anonymous Verified Reviews on 10-28-2019

5 Stars *****Great price!” by Anonymous Verified Reviews on 03-05-2018

5 Stars ***** -“Easier to apply than propspeed. Almost twice as long between the primer and the top coat.” by Sam K. Verified Reviews on 03-05-2018