A Guide To Understanding Propeller Problems

When it comes to smooth sailing, a well-functioning propeller is essential. Yet, propeller issues can disrupt the serenity of any maritime journey. Here’s a guide to troubleshooting common propeller problems, ensuring your vessel navigates the waters seamlessly. Uncovering Propeller DamageThe first step in troubleshooting is identifying damage. Check for visible signs of wear, dents, or […]

5 Ways Keep Your Boat Propeller Working Optimally

If you’re a boat owner, you understand the importance of maintaining your vessel’s performance and longevity. One crucial aspect of this is keeping your boat’s propeller working optimally. In this blog post, we’ll explore what you can do to keep your vessel running smoothly by keeping your boat propeller in optimal performance. 1. Marine Growth […]

Discover the Ultimate Propspeed Alternative

Discover the Ultimate Propspeed® Alternative: A Comparison of Propspeed® Vs. PropGlide®PropGlide™ is a revolutionary antifouling release coating system that effectively prevents marine growth from sticking to metal surfaces underwater. Experience its proven effectiveness for yourself with PropGlide™ kits, available in five convenient sizes depending on the size of the props and underwater metal: 175ML, 250ML, […]

What is the difference between anti-fouling paint and foul-release propeller coatings for boats?

Anti-fouling paint and foul-release propeller coatings are two different approaches to preventing fouling on boat propellers.Anti-fouling Paint: PropGlide® Foul-Release Propeller Coatings: In summary, the main difference between anti-fouling paint and PropGlide® foul-release propeller coatings is their effectiveness in preventing fouling. Anti-fouling paint uses toxic chemicals to deter fouling. It will not last on your propeller, […]

What is the best coating for boat propellers?

The best coating for boat propellers depends on various factors, including your specific needs, the type of boat, the waters you navigate, and your environmental considerations.  Here are some popular coatings for boat propellers: Anti-Fouling Paint: Anti-fouling paint contains biocides that deter the growth of marine organisms. It prevents fouling on the bottom of boats […]